Bored: Don't Stay in One Place Too Long

I've been here too long, almost six months I think, about 2 months too long. It's been too much time. I've been starting to do things I would normally do at home, like workout. Its awful. Haha.

Teaching is getting a little boring too. 
When you think about it, with a 1st language there's no learning anything new about the language, or anything interesting at least. When you teach other topics like science for example, there's always something new being researched or developed; or history in which there is different ways to look at things, for example why someone did this or how different events fit together in the narrative of an era. 

There's two problems I fell into here:

The Girls Getting Booted and How Not to Be an Idiot with Roommates

It's a bit sad because they were nice to look at, but not that sad because they weren't that interesting. Also, I got the feeling that they weren't adjusting well to being away from home and their families. I think they were either a little spoiled or just didn't know how some things in life work.

They got kicked out for among a few things, being "slobs"
The owner of the house, my landlord, and head of the family I live with, Cecilia (a woman who's probably in her late 50s)  is a neat freak and unfortunately these girls weren't used to cleaning up after themselves in a timely manner. 

I didn't witness most of what went down between her and the girls because I'm out of the house a lot or sleeping. I gathered most of this from what I was told from the brothers (the majority of which I didn't understand because they have difficult accents). I'm guessing after repeated complaints by Cecilia, it came to head when they got home drunk at 4am, she probably said something that they didn't like and the girls just exploded. When the girls were telling me the story, they said that they were surprised that I didn't get woken up by it. 

The only bit I did witness was when I was going to take a shower at night and they were moving out of the house. I was just about to turn the water on but stopped when the yelling began. 

Partyin, Partyin YEA, Fun Fun Fun Fun...

If the title appears stupid, it's because it is the chorus of the most recent worst song of all time, "Friday". If you want to waste some time, go check out the awfulness on youtube, everybody else already has. I think she was an ABC talk show as well, crazy...

The other weekend, I went to this huge market with Cecilia, the owner of the house (my landlord) who helped me shop while I carried stuff for her.

The place was a maze with so many vendors, and you had to be careful walking around giant raw slabs of meat and avoid tripping over boxes of fruits and veggies that looked like they had just been picked or pulled from the ground. 

When we got back, she went about cooking arroz campesino a huge cauldron of chicken, bacon, rice, hotdog, corn, carrots, and green beans.