My First Real Home in Colombia

It is kind of awesome. I live with 2 brothers and their mom. They go to college here. I'm not sure what the mom does all day because they have a maid that comes to clean and cook lunch twice each week. 
All really nice people. Although I think one of the brothers is addicted to online gambling. One day as I was going in and out of the place at various times, I never saw him away from the computer or wearing something different than pajamas. 
It's an apartment in a big complex. There are doormen which is nice, a little extra security.

The area is awesome. Within blocks are supermarkets (from small/cheap to giant/expensive), all sorts of fast food places and other small restaurants, all the major east side busy roads (Caracas and Septima), shopping (clothes, artisans, home decor) for blocks. It's pretty central to say the least and takes me a 75 cent bus ride for 15 minutes to get to work. Pretty damn good when you live in a city of 8 million. 

I pay about $220 per month which is maybe half my wages (working 8 hours a week, hahaha). So its kind of ridiculous (the good kind)

I've spent a lot of time walking around a lot and always find cool new places: parks, restaurants, artisan stores, galleries, and bars everywhere.

Right now, I'm really happy with what I've got, and as Christmas gets closer, I'm looking forward to being home.

Sunburned in December: Christmas in Colombia and My First Street Fair

The holidays here are really cool and obviously a bit different than home. The fiestas start December 1st with fireworks and a holiday off work while lights get put up everywhere. Walking through parks and along busy streets at night is cool because there's so many lights and decorations everywhere. People also decorate the inside of their house, but usually not the outside because I think people would steal the stuff. School ends for everybody around the beginning of December so they have plenty of time to celebrate.

Moving On Up and Chef Dom

About 50 streets up North to be in the center of the city. I finally found a place I like in a great area with good people at a decent price. I also got a bit of a discount because I'm a nice guy.