Thru central america

I'm in Panama where its way too humid.

Rode a bus from Mexico City to Costa Rica. It was about 50 hours in 3 days. that sucked, i tried to read and sleep most of the time, met some cool ppl on the bus, scenery was nice but riding through all the poor towns was depressing

border crossings are ridiculous. i was quite unprepared for those. 

stayed in san jose for few days, exploring the city. there's not a whole lot to do there. most of the great things in costa rica are in mountains, jungles, and beaches. Someday I'll come back here and spend a ton of time whitewater rafting, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and canopy walking.

Panama City is a small city thats not bad. I was feeling kind of sick for while. Either all the bus travel caught up with me or I ate some bad chinese food. Whether its $2 or $4 you always end up regretting it. I think thats the last time I ever eat chinese

For some reason there's a lot chinese people here. More than Ive seen anywhere else in Central America. Im not sure y

Went and saw a museum about the canal, how/when it was made, and panamas relationship with the U.S. and our invasion of panama in 89; canal itself was kind of boring, there is also a train ride that would be cool to take through the length of it sometime. met some colombians that work here and ended up spending the day with them around the city. very cool ppl

Two of Mexico City's Best Sites

Some sites or activities become touristy for a reason. They are awesome and people want to go. Here are two I was lucky enough to see.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Worldwide Practices in Piracy: More than Movies and Music

Shadowing Karen at her English classes, I learned some cool things.

She teaches classes for executives of multinationals. We went to P&G where she had a student who was the director of couterfeit prevention at the company. He got to work with police organizations like the FBI and Interpol to track down who was making these fake products. Unlike pirated movies and music, pirated personal hygiene products (among others) can harm people. 

Hanging out with Karen: Restaurants

Since I've had more free time, Karen has been taking me to some great restaurants. The best one was this really traditional Mexican place that's been around since 1860s, Hosteleria Santo Domingo.