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Two of Mexico City's Best Sites

Some sites or activities become touristy for a reason. They are awesome and people want to go. Here are two I was lucky enough to see.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan

I got up early and took a bus about an hour outside the city to see these Aztec ruins. For being hundreds of years old,  they were pretty impressive. I got there early just as the sun was rising. There was only me, some hawkers probably hung over and not ready to begin hustling their crappy wares, 3 other tourists, and a few pyramids and ruins. Walking around, I was stunned by how much excavation they were still doing. Part of this was closed off, but I was able to sneak around and get some pictures.

There were two big pyramids named pyramid of the moon and pyramid of the sun. They were impressive for an ancient civilization that wasn't Egyptian. The sun was bigger and was about 250 steps up. It wasn't too difficult to climb up.


I went to a lucha libre wrestling match at the big city arena. I didn't really know what to expect, and I think that's part of the reason why I had such a good time. The costumes and characters were hilarious, the ring girls were gorgeous, the show was crazy.

There were good guys and bad guys and although the place was only half full, parts of the crowd got really into it and it was a lot of fun. Some of the crazier characters:
-   One guy was wider than he was tall and entered the ring trying to dry hump the ring girls
-   Another was supposed to be homeless I think. He had a construction vest and sharpy drawn six pack and pecks. Not surprisingly, he was on the same team as the fat guy.
-   A midget was dressed up as a bird, but he didn't do any fighting.

The finale, or last match, was incredibly athletic. There were 3 guys on each side, all with masks on, and looked like they were regular steroid users. They were jumping, rolling, and diving inside and outside the ring. Doing all kinds of flips and crazy acrobatics.

Outside the arena, there were all kinds of ridiculous masks sold in street stalls. I was going to buy one then asked myself wtf would I do with it and decided against it. Later, this would be my biggest regret of Mexico City.

Aside from that fun, I'm now planning on how to get to Panama by bus and then somehow to Colombia from there. I'll probably leave next week.

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