About Spain: 5 cool regions and other things

We talked much about the different regions of this cool country...  

Overall advice from J:      Do a road trip because the cities are so close, and be sure to visit Sevilla and Barcelona.

A Great Flight Home with J from Spain

I've been meaning to write this for a few days...

On my way from Charlotte to Pittsburgh, it turned out the guy I was sitting next to was from Spain. He was coming back from a trip to the Bahamas. The only reason he went was because he got a deal, $700 for 5 days on LivingSocial or one of those other awesome deal sites. I can't remember if he said that included air, but it probably did because Pittsburgh is a really busy airport.

This was probably going to be my last chance to practice Spanish for a while, and luckily he was cool so we were able to talk in Spanish and English. From that conversation, I reckon I was about 85-90% fluent. It was probably because he had a really easy accent. Regardless, I feel like I'm bilingual now!

Home Early

Unfortunately, I had to come home a little early. 

I was planning on being back in September (DENISE'S WEDDING!) and staying home for a while. There were some places I had wanted to see in the time between now and then, but once I get filthy rich, I figure that I can always return and see other places.

In the meantime I'm going to post some last thoughts I had about Colombia and the #1 city that people recommended that I go I to. 

Hungry but Low on Dough?: How to Find the Best Street (or Fast) Food Anywhere

I finally found where the best street food is located. 

Instead of walking around randomly searching like an idiot, I actually thought about going to the busier places during rush-hour (where people are mostly to be walking around on their way to buses or the Transmilenio) and found that some of the best empanandas are very close to where I work ( a big bank tower that holds a ton of people). 

Normally, you can find empanadas and arepas anywhere and anytime, but most are just sitting in a box all day and then reheated when you ask for them. These are kind of gross, not fresh at all, and don't taste good.