Not Being Colombian: An Exercise of Gratitude

Or "Why it sucks being Colombian."

My new roommates are great. Two of the nicest people I've met while here. Really cool guys that have time to actually hang out, talk, and teach me some Spanish. My last roommates were just not that friendly, which is okay. They were indifferent towards me. Nothing is wrong with that, but life is so much easier when you live with cool people that you can bullshit with when you get home and have time to laugh with you.

Anyways, talking with them (and many other Colombians), I easily notice that a lot of people in Bogota are unhappy about being in the city or living in Colombia. 
I've met many people here who just feel stuck. They hate where they're at and its really difficult to get outside of Colombia without connections or money. The visa process of leaving Colombia to go anywhere is way more difficult than it should be. 

Getting Kicked Out and Ensuing Housing Adventures

Sometimes I don't feel like writing anything, I have become accustomed to most things here so I don't write about what others would see as odd or novel or cool. This week was a little different.

Getting Kicked Out