Avocados Smoothies and Crazy,Weird Hot Dogs

In Ecuador my host mom made me avocado smoothies which sound disgusting but are actually really delicious with milk and bananas. 
I made one and told my roommate Alex to try it out. He started GAGGING when I put the cup near his face. It was probably the funniest thing that happened all day. 
I didn't know the thought of drinking avocados can produce a gag reflex. It was awesome. Next time I'm going to see if I can get him to throw up.

At the corner market close to home, a cute girl that works there asked me why I buy so many avocados. I told her for milkshakes, and she too was disgusted. So naturally I made one for her the next week, and she thought it was delicious and now gets me free stuff. 

If anyone wants to try it:
Throw 1/2 a ripe avocado with 1 banana and enough whole milk (tastes better than skim) together in a blender. Brown sugar (or honey) and strawberries are nice additions. 

The other day I got a little drunk and somebody talked me into eating one of the nasty hot dogs here. The the hot dog meat was nasty like any other would be, but the toppings were ridiculous. 
I got one that was at least 8in by 4in. The nasty stick of processed pig wasn’t all that big, but the amount of toppings made it incredibly hard to eat. Some of the toppings I could make out: 

Shredded chicken, chips, mayo, bbq sauce, pineapple sauce, bean sauce?, cheese, ketchup, and 2 pieces of bacon (pig on pig)

I'm sure there were more toppings, but I don’t remember. It was awesome, best hot dog I've ever had. 

WARNING:      Sometimes hot dogs aren't great so you have to go to a relatively nicer place. Don't eat  the ones off the street, no matter how drunk you get, because they are really nasty and will give you problems.