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Getting Kicked Out and Ensuing Housing Adventures

Sometimes I don't feel like writing anything, I have become accustomed to most things here so I don't write about what others would see as odd or novel or cool. This week was a little different.

Getting Kicked Out

So I kind of got into a fight with my roommate and may have broken his nose. He didn't like that I repeatedly ate his leftovers and wouldn't shut up about it and when I felt too threatened I freaked and punched him pretty hard in the face...

PSYCHE. I made that up. It's a lot more fun telling a crazy story like that than what actually happened:

My landlord decided she wants to move back to Bogota, so I guess I'm the odd one out and have to get out. She canceled my 6 month contract about a week ago and I've been looking for places ever since (found a nice one Saturday!). Looking for houses has been very time consuming but at times also very interesting.

Some of my experiences searching for places around the city:

With about half the places I went to, I ended up talking with the people there for about 20-30 about things that had nothing to do with the place, more learning about Colombia and getting to know the other person, and I had some interesting conversations:

          I learned that Medellin (2nd biggest city in Colombia) milk and cheese is much better than Bogota's which is pretty damn good compared to US milk. 

          I went to an apartment and someone passing by asked me if I wanted a room and showed me the place she was renting then asked me about classes with her and a group of students. When we realized it wasn't going to work out, she got me another contact who had another very nice room but cost too much, $250/month, hahaha I'm ridiculous at times. 

I met a really interesting Italian-American named Chris who I'll have to use a whole other post to write about, he's my new roommate or landlord.

I visited a house in the dodgy part of downtown which at the time I was unaware of, and incidentally found out where they were hiding all the brothels, about 2 blocks of walking past half naked women and most likely some trannies at 1 in the afternoon was surreal and kind of funny. I guess I can cross that house off my list. 

Semi-funny Side Note: 

As I was leaving the apartment I got booted from, I really wanted to steal a bunch of food and things, but my conscience got the best of me. 
All I took was some coffee and a 1/2 a loaf of white bread, which I don't even like. Yea that'll fuckin show em.
If I didn't feel so bad about it, I probably would've taken a lot more, the people that lived there, from what I could tell, were very rich and a little retarded. 

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