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A Great Weekend

I've been busy and try to write down notes, but haven't written anything decent in a while.

Weather's a hell of a lot better. Sunny and 50-70 almost everyday. I'm getting a nice tan, going from very pale to medium pale. 

Work is getting a little crazy. I'm working 14-16 hours a week which is a lot (for me) when you have to prep for all those classes. This weekend was good. I'm a bit sore though.

Friday: There was a work party, getting drunk with students was great, and then went dancing.
Learned that the Spanish verb "introducir" does not mean "to introduce" but "to insert", as in sex. 

Saturday:  I went to a picnic. I made a dessert that was like a banana mousse with strawberries. It was delicious but more of a soup than a mouse, very sweet. Group salsa lesson at night and more dancing. I went with my new roommate who is kind of a hottie. Dancing is surprisingly a good cardio workout. The guy next to me was soaked and so was the girl I was with. I felt in relatively good shape. 
There were a lot of Couchsurfing people there and I was able to speak with a bunch of new people.  My Spanish is good enough that I can talk to about 80% of people at a bar and not worry about it (with a few drinks of course).
I now introduce myself as "The Best English Teacher Bogota". It gets surprisingly good responses.
I also now tell everybody the only reason I'm in Colombia is for the women. This is also gets surprisingly good reactions. 

Sunday:   I walked around the neighborhood for an hour. I found some better markets and will probably save 25-33% on food costs. That's awesome because I'm really cheap. 

It was a lot of fun. Having weekends like these reminds me why I went out to travel in the 1st place, why I left home to do my own thing. 

I also have come to realize that dancing, if you're just willing to do it, is a much better social lubricant than alcohol. 

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  1. Hey Joey, Sounds like you're becoming quite the dancing queen! Maybe you can give me lessons, HA! ...hopeless I know! Guess I'll have to stick with alcohol. You write incredibly well and we really enjoy your blogs.
    love, DAd