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Moving On Up and Chef Dom

About 50 streets up North to be in the center of the city. I finally found a place I like in a great area with good people at a decent price. I also got a bit of a discount because I'm a nice guy. 

I'm a bit sad leaving the area around my hostel and the people at the hostel. Most that worked there were really cool and the surrounding area while a bit dangerous (the hostel across the street was robbed by 4 guys with guns 2 days before I left) was a great place to stay. It's a great place to meet other travelers and see historical or touristy stuff in Bogota. 
The only thing I regret about my stay in this area is not eating at more restaurants. There's so many great little restaurants and shops that I didnt get around to. Trying to save money, I cooked most of my own food. Its a good way to save, stay healthy, and meet people because many people in the hostel cook. The coolest guy I met while cooking in the hostel kitchen was this guy from England who was going all out, making some awesome food.

We got to talking and it turns out he was unemployed for 2 years and watched cooking shows for a majority of that time. Whatever he saw and learned paid off because he's one of the best unpaid cooks I've ever seen. On various nights he's made naan bread, chicken wraps, homemade gravy and mashed potatoes, and spaghetti bolognese. It's all restaurant quality stuff and difficult to relate in this post how amazing it was. 

Each night he cooks for 4-5 people at a time usually 4-5 thousand pesos a pop ($2 - $2.5) which is what most bland Colombian lunches cost in this area. He spends about 2-3 hours each night making dinner, but loves doing it. 
It's worth the time because the food is so good. Hell, you spend that much time cooking and something good better come out. He doesn't have any recipes with him (all memorized) but does carry around a spice box which is kind of nerdy. But you wouldn't hate on him if you tasted anything he cooks. 

He could easily take orders at the hostel and pay for his stay, but "that would take the fun out of". I guess he likes being unemployed. 

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