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The Girls Getting Booted and How Not to Be an Idiot with Roommates

It's a bit sad because they were nice to look at, but not that sad because they weren't that interesting. Also, I got the feeling that they weren't adjusting well to being away from home and their families. I think they were either a little spoiled or just didn't know how some things in life work.

They got kicked out for among a few things, being "slobs"
The owner of the house, my landlord, and head of the family I live with, Cecilia (a woman who's probably in her late 50s)  is a neat freak and unfortunately these girls weren't used to cleaning up after themselves in a timely manner. 

I didn't witness most of what went down between her and the girls because I'm out of the house a lot or sleeping. I gathered most of this from what I was told from the brothers (the majority of which I didn't understand because they have difficult accents). I'm guessing after repeated complaints by Cecilia, it came to head when they got home drunk at 4am, she probably said something that they didn't like and the girls just exploded. When the girls were telling me the story, they said that they were surprised that I didn't get woken up by it. 

The only bit I did witness was when I was going to take a shower at night and they were moving out of the house. I was just about to turn the water on but stopped when the yelling began. 

From what I could understand basically Cecilia starts saying something and then says "relax, relax" to the girls, but you could tell she wasn't going to relax. I've become a lot better at picking up on voice tone and body langauge and it wasn't hard to tell that she was about to explode. 

And she did starting with "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" followed with "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" to "I'M A CHRISTIAN" and ending with something about prostitutes not being allowed in this house. I wish I could've seen it, but I didn't want to get dressed and open the bathroom door just to watch a shouting match. From what I could understand the girls were using some sarcastic politeness mixed in with a lot of swear words (groserias), none of which I was able to hear because they spoke too softly.  

Anyways after some back and forth and door slamming, they left.

A Better Way to Deal with a Problem Like This:

1.   Try to resolve the problem
2.   If you can't resolve the problem, you stay nice, and search for another place to live. After you've found a place, you quietly mention that you are moving out, but don't say when.
3.   Leave a day or two later. The goodbye to the roommate is optional. 

Basically, don't give them an opportunity to give you shit about moving out, just stay nice and calm, find a place, tell them you are leaving, and 1 or 2 days later go, in silence without arguing or getting crazy. 

A good rule to follow is don't fuck with people that you live with, creates a hell of a bad situation. 

This story, among other things, is why I prefer girls that are older than me because young girls are really dumb sometimes. 

Talking with a few of the brothers (sons of Cecilia) I also think there may have been some drunken liaisons with some of the cops that stay right next to their room. I thought this was pretty funny. This also could have contributed to why they had to go. 

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  1. HA! Great blog Joey and life lesson. Does this mean you'll be neater when you get back home! At least we don't have prostitutes renting from us and banging the cops next door!