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Partyin, Partyin YEA, Fun Fun Fun Fun...

If the title appears stupid, it's because it is the chorus of the most recent worst song of all time, "Friday". If you want to waste some time, go check out the awfulness on youtube, everybody else already has. I think she was an ABC talk show as well, crazy...

The other weekend, I went to this huge market with Cecilia, the owner of the house (my landlord) who helped me shop while I carried stuff for her.

The place was a maze with so many vendors, and you had to be careful walking around giant raw slabs of meat and avoid tripping over boxes of fruits and veggies that looked like they had just been picked or pulled from the ground. 

When we got back, she went about cooking arroz campesino a huge cauldron of chicken, bacon, rice, hotdog, corn, carrots, and green beans. 

She used to own a restaurant and is an excellent cook (even though Colombian food isn't great). I can't remember what business she runs now. She made enough of this stuff for probably 40-50 people but only 20 or so were there. It was delicious. Although, I think I ate too much and got sick. Oh well. 

Parties at this house are really fun.
Because I'm so obviously foreign, there's a few different guys that like to make really funny jokes that would probably be considered inappropriate back home, but they are hilarious here. 
Somebody else told me that their daughter was single. I replied that I was only interested in married women which made them go a little crazy laughing. They were also more than delighted to see me struggle at learning salsa. 
As a foreigner here, I get a lot of attention and am probably going to miss it when I leave.

Something about Colombians (and I bet many other countries) is that they are much more open sexually than we are. 
They aren't afraid of talking about taboo topics like whorehouses, "loose" girls, and who's attracted to who; and the men aren't timid when talking about what kind of girls they like while in the company of other girls. 
Going to parties, I still can't get used to it when we I just start talking about sex and related topics with people I barely know.There's just a lot more freedom and no fear talking about their sexuality, very different from most Americans. 

We talked and danced for the whole day. It was good. 

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