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Bored: Don't Stay in One Place Too Long

I've been here too long, almost six months I think, about 2 months too long. It's been too much time. I've been starting to do things I would normally do at home, like workout. Its awful. Haha.

Teaching is getting a little boring too. 
When you think about it, with a 1st language there's no learning anything new about the language, or anything interesting at least. When you teach other topics like science for example, there's always something new being researched or developed; or history in which there is different ways to look at things, for example why someone did this or how different events fit together in the narrative of an era. 

There's two problems I fell into here:

1. Getting into too much of a routine with classes and preparation. 
2. Teaching some classes with students who I don't have chemistry with. 

There's obviously plenty of things I could do to change up classes:
1. Making them more diverse and interesting (for me and the student) is not hard. 
2. Ideally, I would find students that I like teaching and drop the ones I don't click with. 
Those changes would take some effort and resourcefulness and they would work....
But why would I want to keep going, keep teaching. It's not a meaningful job anymore. It was a way to travel and it still is, but when you stay in one place too long, teaching becomes a job and then it sucks. 

Teaching was great. For a time, it was something new and fun. It served its purpose. I learned quite a bit, but now it's time to move on...

I'm gonna take most of this month and May (IN MEDELLIN!) spending my time figuring out my options and what else I want to do while in this part of the world. Also figuring out when to go home and what I'll do once I'm back. 

Still not ready to return home yet, but I've thought a bit more about it than usual. 

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