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Mas Que Dos Semanas en Bogota

It's been kind of crazy staying in a hostel that has its own bar, looking for work, and looking for housing. I've been in Bogota for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Weather is cold and rains a lot. JUST LIKE HOME! 

But it is a lot better than the heat and humidity of Panama. Bogota's pretty nice, it's a lot cleaner than other big cities, there is a ton of construction all over the place, food here is not as good as Mexico. 

Halloween here was pretty crazy. 

I haven't had much time to explore things in Bogota, but I've realized that I really don't care because I've had a lot of fun meeting different people and going out. The tourist type of stuff can wait for a bit. 

I started working this week. I found a job through an online network, just got lucky. This guy runs a small company teaching execs at a big bank building here. I teach people that already know quite a bit of English. One girl is really cute and is taking me to lunch after we talked about food here. 

At the moment, the majority of my students are psychologists at the HR department. I might start private classes with some friends of friends in the next few weeks. This job pays 18k-21k per hour or 9.75 to 11.25 per hour, but doesn't include travel (usually $1 each way) or a work visa.

My boss is helping me find a place to live. I'm trying to find an arrangement where I can teach the person I live with for a lesser rent. We did an online search for this "intercambio clases de ingles por vivienda (o cuarto)" but all that came up was "I (or we) exchange sex for English" in Spanish. Not exactly what I'm looking for right now.

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  1. HA!, what language WOULD you trade sex for?