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From Partying to Porn: A Few Odd Hostel Characters

I have met a lot of interesting characters, and some weird, in the hostel. Some very short stories:

Guy from Germany was wearing a button of a naked chick. I asked him about it and turns out he and his buddy started a "porn brooch" business in Germany while they were in school. I didn't think he was serious until he got into specifics about how they made them and the odd requests they sometimes got. I couldn't stop laughing. He sold them at parties and would've made a successful business out of it, but his partner just used all the profits to smoke weed. What a fuckin surprise.

One of the girls that works here is a nurse but works here because nurses don't get paid much. Working in a hostels, she has had to deal with ppl having sex in the common areas (not in this hostel) and had to turn away guests who bring back hookers (also not in this hostel, or so she says). 

A friend of mine has gotten mugged 3 times because he was listening to his ipod while walking. Each time, he didn't think the muggers were serious so he just said no and kept going. Getting almost mugged hasn't stopped him from listening to music while walking because he hates walking without it so much. 

One girl met her friends who were driving from Canada to South America in Mexico City. They then got lost in Mexico City and got stopped by police 5 times and had to bribe them 5 times. They had a Canadian car that stuck out because of the plates. I found this hilarious. 

Another guy made it through 5 months of traveling on 1,500 dollars by couchsurfing and hitchhiking. Although he did lose 20 pounds and much of the time his diet consisted of bread and sugar. 

There's a guy that works here, but from what I can see, all he does is run the bar, party, and hook up with some of the cute girls that come through the hostel. I can't imagine a better job for somebody his 20s. 

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  1. Hey Jose', Happy Bday!!!!

    Thanks for blogging; stories are very interesting!

    I've sort of hit the wall this semester... Only 4 more weeks left.

    Not getting much work done on dissertation, but trying to start devoting more time to it.

    Have a great time. Don't try and loose 20lbs though! Be safe.

    Miss you dude! U.B.