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Thru central america

I'm in Panama where its way too humid.

Rode a bus from Mexico City to Costa Rica. It was about 50 hours in 3 days. that sucked, i tried to read and sleep most of the time, met some cool ppl on the bus, scenery was nice but riding through all the poor towns was depressing

border crossings are ridiculous. i was quite unprepared for those. 

stayed in san jose for few days, exploring the city. there's not a whole lot to do there. most of the great things in costa rica are in mountains, jungles, and beaches. Someday I'll come back here and spend a ton of time whitewater rafting, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and canopy walking.

Panama City is a small city thats not bad. I was feeling kind of sick for while. Either all the bus travel caught up with me or I ate some bad chinese food. Whether its $2 or $4 you always end up regretting it. I think thats the last time I ever eat chinese

For some reason there's a lot chinese people here. More than Ive seen anywhere else in Central America. Im not sure y

Went and saw a museum about the canal, how/when it was made, and panamas relationship with the U.S. and our invasion of panama in 89; canal itself was kind of boring, there is also a train ride that would be cool to take through the length of it sometime. met some colombians that work here and ended up spending the day with them around the city. very cool ppl


  1. Dear Joey - Will is helping me to read your blog - & i am hoping that what i am writing will make it to you somehow -i was devastated to hear that you were trying to call us & somehow or another it didn't make it through - can't tell you how much we all miss you & how we wish we could see you - loved your writing - please be sure you are in safe places & healthy place to live - please keep in touch - also please write & tell us how to write to you I am going back to warren after Halloween for a few days - & hopefully will see or talk to your Dad & get instructions on emailing you or writing to your blog - Bless you, miss you, love you very much, much love from chris, mike, will, rachel & lilah & especialoly from me - 'grama betty

  2. dude
    so good to hear your update.
    and so very sorry i missed your calls.
    can we call you? if so, how?
    miss you much
    aunt chris

  3. hi joey

    did you get the email with the contact info for mario perez's family in columbia (mario is the husband of nina, my good friend from med school and aunt peg and bob lowry's neice)

    mario has 2 siblings in bogota. his sister aida perez de frankie you met at aunt peg's wedding and her number is 4706701

    his brother is mauricio perez 2138604

    i hope you can contact them
    miss you xoxo
    aunt chris