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Schools over

I finished my last teaching practice today, and finally I don't have anything to turn in or work on. Even though I still have to throw together a resume and find a job, that won't be hard. I also still have classes until Friday, but all my assignments and lesson planning are over. 

I'm now confident that I won't have any trouble teaching when I leave Mexico. The knowledge that they throw at us and the pace at which we learn has prepared us for whatever might be out there. Lesson planning will always be a bitch because it takes me a while to do it, but other than that I just want to find a decent job.

The beginning of this last week was kind of crazy because we had all these assignments due and there was a problem with one of my classmates. Monday morning she came in crying, and I listened to my her story about how she got kicked out of the house she was staying at. To me, that's funny by itself, but the owner of the house and her roommate was a woman that worked at our school. 

When my friend first arrived to Mexico City, she didn't have a place to live so the school set her up with this woman, at a price that was about $700 per month (most places are $400-500) if I remember correctly, and she didn't have internet. Screwed on all counts. 

I guess it was an ongoing problem that came to a head, or a boot. Short story: 
There was a guy that lived there, female jealousy ensued, and this silly American girl got booted out. 
A few minutes into this story she was she said, "There's nothing worse than a jealous female." And on cue the crazy lady came into our student prep room, and they started going at it. I was content to just sit there, laugh, and get some popcorn, but after about a minute, they tried dragging me into it. I just laughed and left the room. No fucking way was I jumping into that snake pit, but I did mention to the director of housing that there was a small problem in the other room. She could deal with that bs, and I could get my study room back. 

There was a bit more of yelling and screaming but class still started on time, this chick got a new place to live, and she was cool. 

Hopefully I'll be able to explore Mexico and actually do some interesting things now that this course is ending. 

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  1. you are a wise man to avoid 2 chicks fighting. it's the wrong kind of girl on girl action.
    espero que estas bien
    tia christina