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The school has its own security guard, tech guys, accountants, and everything else a nice school in the U.S. would have.

There are five other students: three Brits and two Americans. The oldest is 41, and I'm the youngest. But there is a girl named named Taz that's probably 21-22. Everybody is new to Mexico City except Geraldine an English girl who's been here for three years. Everybody's real nice so far.

Our two tutors are Roger and Orlando. They're both nice, easy going teachers. Orlando has a bit more of a personality, I'll explain later.

The classes are very easy going, but there's just so much information to take. We have language assignments, exercises, and lesson plans to prepare for our classes as well as evaluations to complete about how we did and how our classmates did in the teaching practice the day before. At first, it was easy working about 8-10 hours a day with a few breaks in between, but now, it's looking like 12+ hours with a few very short breaks in between for the rest of the course. I usually leave for school at 10am and get back at 7-9pm.

Today, there was a promo at the Meinekie car place across the street. For about five hours in the middle of the day, they blasted music and had two really good looking girls in tight race suits dancing and yelling stuff into a mic. I guess discounts and promos here are always accompanied by gogo dancers and shitty techno music. It lasted from 10am-3pm. 

It sucks walking back at night because I live in a really nice area with bars and restaurants, so I have to walk by all these people partying while knowing I'm going be doing work for the rest of the night. At least there's five other people in the same situation, and this course is almost 1/4 done. 

According to our tutor, the five students, which we teach them for our practice, are the most basic students he has ever seen at the school. So we have to dumb down our language to the most basic language (hello) commands (repeat) and use a lot of body language. Confused looks and awkward silences are common. 

Semi-funny story: 
In class, I was trying to lie (Call my Bluff game) about my favorite food. The lie was squid, and I was drawing it to show them. Well, my drawing so was bad that one of the better girls in our student group said "A woman! Your favorite food is a woman.... Its true. No?" I couldn't stop laughing.

I'll write about other things I did this week later...

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  1. Ha! Great update, JoJo. You should be a writer but apparently not an artist. At least she didn't think your squid drawing was a penis!