Enron Guy Turned Petra Tourist Guide

People on the Road Series      
Many times, I've heard travelers say that it was the people that made their trip great. In this series, I will write about the more memorable characters that I was lucky to meet and learn from. Some I knew for only a few hours, others a week or longer. 
*I don't use real names.

Brady is the guy that Karen and I ran into here. He was wearing sunglasses when he first approached us so Karen didn't recognize him for a sec and gave him a "Who the fuck are you and why are you touching me look." He quickly took off his glasses.  

She had talked about him earlier. All I remembered was that he was a Jewish (Hebrew?) studies grad who wasn't Jewish.

We went to Hosteleria Santo Domingo (best Mexican City restaurant), got to talking, and turned out he's a bit of a bullshitter. Probably because he's got a good story to tell. Karen didn't like that he was bullshitter. I think what Karen secretly didn't like was that she couldn't talk as much as usual. 

Brady started out at corporate America: Enron, of all places, before they fucked up. During this time in his life, he said that he was an overweight depressed married man. 

Well, when his wife left him, he decided to do a total 180, selling everything and quitting his job to travel. 

I'm not sure where all he's been, but I know he's been to the Middle East quite a bit, Israel, Jordan and places around there. He put his Hebrew Studies degree to use by tour guiding in Petra. 

He was very energetic when talking about this place. It's one of the 7 wonders of the world. A city that is carved into a mountain. Built around 500BC by a tribe we don't know much about, you reach it by walking up 800 steps to a monastery in the mountain which opens up into the city. Here's a picture:

He worked there for a few years before traveling through Central America to Mexico. Now he just couch surfs a lot and teaches English here. He meets a lot of people, mostly girls, doing this. I'm not sure what his long term plans were but he was living a sweet life at the moment. 

We BSed during the whole lunch and by the end karen just wanted to get away and show me some more cool places. 

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