Striking Back at Bogota Public Transportation

I don't know how it compares to other big cities because I know very few, but for some reason Bogota public transportation just sucks. 

The buses are small and shitty, but at least you don't have to stand most of the time. They cost is 1400 pesos or about 75 cents. They should be much cheaper. 25 cents is more reasonable.

With the Transmilenio, I usually don't get seats. It's a bus system that has its own lane throughout the city so supposedly it's faster. It costs a little more at 1600 pesos (85 cents). It's kind of like a subway except not below ground. There's probably a word for that but i can't remember it. 

I once liked this system because it was fast and easy until I started riding during rush hour where all common courtesy and human decency seems to go out the window. If you are trying to enter or exit, various amounts of physical force are the sole form of communication. If you don't push and shove your way onto a bus, you won't get on. People waiting for different buses don't move out the way when your bus arrivs and you need to get on. They just stand and seem ok with being pushed aside. Even when a bus is completely empty people will still push and shove like the doors just opened for the Black Friday sales. It's nuts and unnecessarily stressful. Probably the thing I hate most here. 

Recently I started releasing frustration by trying to knock people down as I exit the bus (haven't had much success) and by releasing as much gas as possible on the really crowded trains, standing shoulder to shoulder with people. Sometimes, it's so crowded that Im pretty sure the person behind me can feel the hot breath of my vile vapor. 

Digusting? yes. Necessary? no. Satisfying?... a little. I laugh inside. 

On taxis: 
Being poor I took them only a few times. Sometimes, they will try to rip you off. I've also heard of some stories of the Millionaire's ride. They take you to ATMs and steal all your money. However, I've always had nice experiences with them. 

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